Meet our Family


We are a family of eight living in north Zionsville, Indiana.  When we found our property we knew it was the perfect place for us and we fell in love with the 100-year-old barn and silo, the beautiful, large trees, and the fertile soil.  We bought our five acres in 2013 and have been working hard to restore our property and home ever since.  We started with the inside of our house, room by room, striving to preserve the original state of our 1955 limestone bungalow, including refinishing all of the hardwood floors.  We have done most of the remodeling ourselves and take pride in our work.  In 2020 we added another garden space where there had been a concrete slab.  We have many projects in que and look forward to sharing our progress here on our website.  

PC: Captured by Camille Ann