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Kodi and Kali join our farm

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We purchased Kodi and Kali from a nearby farm. They are three year old French Alpine goats. This is my first experience with goats. Ben had goats growing up in Arkansas on his family farm. When I first met Kodi I fell in love. He was so sweet. He is not shy about letting you know he wants attention. He nuzzles his nose into your side until attention is received. Kali is not as personable, but this could be due to Kodi's strong personality. He does not like to share attention. Kodi and Kali are siblings and do not act much different than my five and seven year old! Kodi bullies Kali and she usually just gives up and goes away. Their purpose for now is to keep our pasture mowed and to be our special pets. My plan is to breed Kali this fall and try my hand at baby goats and goat milk.

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