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Weekly Update

  • We picked up our feeder pigs. We named them Maple, Sassafras, and Hickory, also to be known as the Tree-o.

  • Seth and Gabe made a door for the aviary and the netting arrived in the mail today.

  • Boys repaired the swing on our old oak tree.

  • Ben started building our new mailbox post to hold our new farm sign.

  • Buckley, our French Alpine buckling came down with bloat after getting into the chicken feed! He is doing much better today after treating him and nursing him through the night.

  • We transplanted all of our herbs into newspaper pots and put them into the outside greenhouse.

  • Our heirloom tomato plants have sprouted!

  • The milk jug greenhouse experiment has been successful so far. See photo below.

  • Introduced the six week old Black Copper Maran chicks to our laying flock.

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