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Weekly Update

  • Ben and the boys traveled to Wisconsin to pick up 70 pounds of seed potatoes at Vermont Valley Community Farm plus came home with lots of Wisconsin cheese! They were cheeseheads for a day!

  • Hatched 5 Olive Egger and 3 Black Copper Maran chicks.

  • Processed 15 gallons of sap from our tapped trees. Boys boiled it down over a fire and we ended up with a delicious quart of our own MAPLE SYRUP!

  • Planted leek seeds

  • Repotted oregano

  • Rearranged animals; five-week old Black Copper Maran chicks moved from basement brooder to barn with peafowl for now. Eight week old quail moved from basement to their new house in the barn.

  • Nova, our Bernese Mountain dog turned one!!! Gabe made her a chicken liver birthday cake!

  • Buckley, our three week old buckling is still sleeping in our basement at night but spending his days outside. He loves being around all of us, especially the kids.

  • Geese started laying and we separated them into groups to prepare for mating season.

  • Zeus, is daily showing off his beautiful display. Hera doesn't seem to be too impressed!

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